Tomorrow’s museum for dorset

Tomorrow’s Museum for Dorset will transform the Museum into a vibrant museum, cultural space and community hub.

The Victorian Hall and other exisiting spaces will be refurbished, and an intriguing new in-fill building will double the Museum’s floorspace.

• A suite of inspirational new galleries which will collectively tell the story of 250 million years of Dorset’s history and display collections of national and international significance for the first time

• A new purpose-designed learning centre in the restored 16th century John White’s rectory

• An accessible, state-of-the art ‘Collections Discovery Centre’ which will provide optimal storage space for the collection

• A new international- standard exhibition gallery hosting major touring and temporary exhibitions

• A transformed visitor experience, with improved visibility, accessibility and facilities including a new café and shop

Dorset Country Museum

Delivering the vision

Creating a world-class contemporary museum and exhibition space, complete with new galleries, learning centre, collections storage, library and visitor facilities including a café and shop.

Carmody Groarke, Architects

A London-based architectural studio specialising in transformative museum architecture and heritage building projects.

Price & Myers

Structural engineers.

Skelly & Couch

Mechanical and electrical engineers specialising in sustainable technology for building environments.

Real Studios

Exhibition Designers, Real Studios who offer over 20 years’ of experience in the industry leading on a number of high-profile gallery and exhibition projects.


Client Project Manager, Nick Coggins, PGP, a local company based in Poundbury with extensive experience in managing high value construction projects.


Quantity Surveyors, MDA of Bristol, who specialise in cultural and HLF supported projects.

This project will be the most significant development in
Dorset’s museums for a generation.

Ian Owens, Director of Science, Natural History Museum